What Does ‘2012 Predictions’ Means & Its Relation to ‘2012 Prophecy’, ‘2012 Phenomenon’, ’21 December 2012′ & ‘2012 Doomsday’?

2012 Predictions - Beyond 2012

What does ‘2012 Predictions’ means & its relation to ‘2012 Prophecy’, ‘2012 Phenomenon’, ’21 December 2012′ & ‘2012 Doomsday’

To many, the phrase 2012 Predictions and Prophecy is enough to send chill down their spine. For some, 2012 Predictions is welcomed as paradigm shift in mankind. With the Year 2011 closing its chapters soon, the dawn of the reality to the beginning of the 2012 Phenomenon is imminent. With the controversial debates on the highly anticipated 2012 prophecy, many people across the globe is fastening their seatbelts to observe the so-called “eventful” day of 21 December 2012 – in the hope of continuous survival.

2012 Predictions Defined

How many people actually understand the term in the first place? People run searches on the Internet with various terms – 2012 Prophecy, 2012 Predictions, 2012 Phenomenon and 2012 Doomsday and all these terms actually come down to the same circumstances. The key point is 21 December 2012 marks the end date charted in several renowned astronomical oracles in history, which was taken as the basis of 2012 prophecies that predicts 2012 to experience one of the worst series of catastrophe over the recent years, peaking at next year, dubbed the 2012 phenomenon.

Origins of the 2012 Predictions

Aside from the prophecies of Ancient Greek’s prominent Sybil of Cumae and the Hexagram Oracles of the I-Ching, The Mayan Long Year Calendar actually took the center stage as the source of 2012 predictions.

The final date in their 25,625 years-long calendar cycle was taken by many as the message “End of Time” or “Doomsday”. Nonetheless, the high accuracy of the many predictions by Sybil of Cumae such as the coming of Jesus and other historical events makes her prediction on 2012 worth the public attention too. The notable Book of Changes (I-Ching), on the other hand, is a book structured using 64 sets of hexagrams of solid and broken lines to interpret divine messages about time. It was when Terence McKenna’s mapping of these hexagrams and revealing 2012 as the year of great change that brings I-Ching to a clearer correlation to 2012 predictions.

Despite the three sources existed in the different period of time, they remarkably set the same end-point in their study, Friday, 21 December 2012. But with these prophecies having remained dormant for centuries, who actually revived the apocalyptic hype?

2012 Predictions Revisited

Paleontologist and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who developed the ideology of integrating science and religion in his 1950’s “Phenomenon of Man” chiseled the platform for semi-scientific justifications to 2012 theorists. This can be seen in the work of Jose Arguelles who linked the 2012 Phenomenon with the Mayan Calendar through his work of “The Mayan Factor” in 1987 as well as John Major Jenkins’ astronomical alignment connection to 2012 Predictions in his 1998 “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012“. This ripple effect quickly leads to the outburst to a plethora of conspiracy theory on 2012 Doomsday over the recent years. Coupled with the newest addition to the trend in late 1990s, the web-bot project which was first adopted to predict world issues, also forecasted global apocalypse in its 2012 predictions analysis.

However, not all are done with 2012 as New Age movement believes that there may just be another brighter side to 2012 predictions where this phenomenon simply translates to the necessity for major shift in mankind to an awakened society and not global wipeout.

In the next few posts, we will take a scientific viewpoint to comprehend these prophecies which correlates to 2012 predictions.

Preparing for 2012 Phenomenon

2012 Predictions - Milky WayIf you are one of those caught in the whirlpool of troubling perceptions revolving 2012 predictions and is looking for a silver lining in the clouds, then you have landed on the right track. If the positive resurrection is a compulsory call to human race, than it will be all the more meaningful to stand up to the challenge in a positive manner.

While our Mother Earth is constantly evolving, so does the IQ of human race. Solid evidence yielded from the study of Flynn Effect by James R. Flynn shows a linear increase of our IQ level by 3 points per decade which interconnects with the increased nutritional and educational level. This simply means that human race will be better equipped to open up to new possibilities to handle the 2012 phenomenon.

Rather than passively surrendering to the onset of the uncertainties, we have an alternative way to embrace the inception of the New Age by largely working on our inner consciousness to reach the upright passage of global unity and unrequited love. Optimism is the key. By being in one with law of nature and giving of hopes to one another, we will be able to promote extensive positive energy to mollify the potential turbulence of 2012 predictions. Play your part today.

By understanding the true purpose of what 2012 predictions means will set you free from the negative aura and emerge with a more refined personality align to the nature.

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What Does '2012 Predictions' Means & Its Relation to '2012 Prophecy', '2012 Phenomenon', '21 December 2012' & '2012 Doomsday'?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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