6 Biggest Natural Disasters in The World 2011

6 Biggest Natural Disasters in The World 2011

Subsequent to the rising coverage of 2012 predictions, the world has been keeping a close watch on the geological and astronomical changes which brought about some of the worst and biggest natural disasters in the world in 2011. With the many speculations surrounding effects of the galactic alignment on the climate changes taking place, the series of natural disasters that come rolling in definitely pressed our panic buttons.

Video - The Ongoing Occurances and Some of The Biggest Natural Disasters in 2011

Biggest Natural Disasters in Philippines: Floods of December 2011

The closing of Year 2011 has given a negative impact to Southern Philippines when it was hit by one of the deadliest flood on 16 December 2011. As at 20 December 2011, the death toll charted 1,002 fatalities with 93% from Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities.

Biggest Natural Disasters Philippines Flood December 2011

Image Source: reuters.com

The Tropical Storm Washi which swept across the Philippines resulted in flash flood and mudslide damaging over 10,000 homes and crippling public facilities, affecting 238,000 residents and forcing nearly 44,000 people to cramp in overcrowded evacuation camps.

Although lasted only for five hours, the Orange Flood Alert raised by GDACS read 5.4 magnitude of severity class 2 which left the country with far more devastation than imaginable. Despite the occurrences of flood disaster year in year out, the catastrophic event this year brought greater bout of concerns over epidemic diseases spreading from evacuation camps with deficiencies in basic provisions and sanitization system as well as mortuaries and burial space shortages to accommodate decomposing bodies.

Following the declaration of national calamity by the President, Benigno Aquino, he also expressed disappointment on the weak effort to minimize destructions even with the prior knowledge of the alert. Although humanitarian supports are pouring in from UNICEF to raise $4.2 million for provisions of food, medical supplies, sanitary kits as well as basic sheltering needs, the two worst hit cities are still facing serious water shortages.

Biggest Natural Disasters in US: Hurricane Irene Costing $7-$10 Billion in Damages

The first tropical storm to achieve hurricane in the record of natural disaster 2011, Hurricane Irene travelled northeastward from Cape Verde Islands on 15 August and swept across Puerto Rico while picking up speedily to Category 3 in Bahamas.

Being one of the most devastating storm with an expansion of 805 km and travelling at 48–64 km per hour, Irene casted its initial 20” rainfall in Jacksonville, NC and Virginia before encroaching New Jersey on 29th August as the second hurricane to hit it in the century.

Biggest Natural Disasters Hurricane Irene 2011

 The resulting rainfall that swell the river banks across New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and three other states not only obstructed 300 roads and highways but also claimed 48 lives according to National Climatic Data Center. The states suffered another blow from Tropical Storm Lee two weeks later and an unexpected snowstorm adds to the calamity by causing power disruptions which lasted for weeks.

Biggest Natural Disasters in Japan: Earthquake Succeeded By Tsunami

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that took over northeastern Japan in Honshu on 11 March is the second biggest natural disasters since the 2004 Sumatran 9.1 earthquake. Triggered by a 5-8m upthrust 60km from East Cost of Tohoku, a 7.2m foreshock two days before gave the precursor to the deadly megathrust quake that shifted Honshu east by 2.4 m and swung the Earth from its axis by approximately 10-25cm.

5 minutes was all it took for the catastrophic event to claim 20,896 lives as it triggered the 10m high tsunami wave later in Fukushima off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku, submerging 561 km2 in area of Japan.

The horrific natural disaster not only left 4millions households without electricity, water supplies and public infrastructures. The negative consequences also came in many folds as the overtopping of Fukushima I and II seawalls disrupted the backup cooling system and caused the nuclear power plants to explode due to hydrogen gas build-up.

Honshu Almost Flattened Down By Mere Minutes of its Biggest Natural Disasters Strike

Biggest Natural Disasters Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

 The severity of the radioactivity led to the declaration of state emergency where residents are evacuated from Fukushima and its surrounding area such as Tochigi, Gunma, Tokyo and Niigata due to air and water contamination by iodine and other radioactive matters caused by the leakage.

Biggest Natural Disasters in East Africa: Longest Drought In 2 Years

Contrary to the flood-stricken Philippines, the prolonged La Nina episode coupled with climatic changes cited by Rajiv Shah, Head of the United States Agency for International Development brought about the longest dry season to East Africa since July, creating another high record in 60 years.

The worst 2-years dry spell casted on Somalia resulted in 920,000 population influx to Kenya and Ethiopia, worsening the food crisis as these 2 neighbors are also facing droughts that failed their harvests. With the condition deteriorating due to more deaths caused by malnutrition, the UN has no choice but to declare famine in 20th July to solicit international support in improving the situation of nearly 13.3million people.

Biggest Natural Disasters Africa Drought 2011

 Over at the Kenya’s Ifo II camp and Dadaab complex which are facing overcrowded condition, sexual violence are on high on top of the increased mortality rates in infants as well as a host of widespread diseases such as Measles (462 cases), Malaria (8.8million), Cholera (5million) and HIV as estimated by WHO.

Biggest Natural Disasters in Texas: Wildfire Burning Through 2011

Moving over to Texas, the southern part of US also suffered the worst drought in history which manifested in a series of wildfire. The ongoing wildfire since 2010 has engulfed 68 homes and 110,000 acres of land in February.

Biggest Natural Disasters Texas Wildfire 2011

 NCDC sees a $3billion loss which is estimated to rise shall the bad climate continues. Apparently as on 28 June, Texas recorded 91% of its area hit by the dry spell with 47% of the coverage being in the most severe category.

Biggest Natural Disasters in North America: Snowstorm of October 2011

Just when US are recovering from Hurricane Irene attack two months earlier, the early arrival of snowstorm at northeastern parts of America on 29th October has added another record to the biggest natural disasters list of 2011. The intense storm piled above 2ft of snow in Massachusetts, also breaking snow total records of  New York City (2.9″), New Jersey (5.2″) and an astonishing 22.5″ charted in Concord, New Hampshire.

Biggest Natural Disasters October Snowstorm 2011

 Coupled with the long sustained strong gusts of winds,  the abrupt climatic change put trees on stress where they were not given ample time to shed leaves, making its weight unbearably harder to support the snow and eventually snapped branches and hit power lines, causing power outages  to 3million people and bringing its death toll to 27.

Are These Pure Disasters or Apocalypse?

Do you think in your opinion, the series of natural disasters, most being biggest natural disasters  in their regions since many years ago, are merely natural climatic changes brought by technology developments OR, is it really a call to Earth’s resurrection preparing for the new world 2012 and the 2012 predictions by the mayan?

Find out about what does 2012 predictions means.

Do you happened to come from the places affected? Let us know your views and give your emotional support to those who have difficulties coming out from the haunts of the biggest natural disasters in 2011.

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